The Perfect Summer Cocktail Wedding Dress Under $35


I have to tell you guys that I couldn’t believe it when I saw this on the rack!  I bring you The Perfect Summer Cocktail Wedding Dress Under $35 (from Target!  Waaaaahhh???).  I mean, I have seen plenty of lace dresses there but they’re always a bit too short, which makes them look cheap, or the actual lace just doesn’t cut it in the quality department.

And then, the clouds parted and this situation was in my view full force.  The lace is so pretty and well put together and the tea length is so classic and chic!  I think this one is perfect for a summer cocktail party or wedding attire.  At the end of the night just kick of your shoes and swap them for flip flops like these and throw on a denim jacket like this one and voila – still cute as ever!

Traditionally one’s instinct is to go directly to a pair of nude sandals like these to pair this dress with, as it is pretty bright.  I decided to pair this blood orange lace dress with these black platform skinny sandals to mix it up and take away from the “girlie” of the dress.  I feel like the platform adds a bit of edge as opposed to the traditional sole.  And, they are so much more comfortable!  (I’ve been on a platform kick lately)

After choosing my outfit and shoes, I like to play around with accessories.  Once you have your core (outfit and shoes) down, it makes it much easier to gauge whether your accessories are too much or just enough.

I originally was going to go for my suede black studded clutch (last seen here), but decided to add a little bit of interest with a stark white clutch (last seen here).  Sometimes I like matchy-matchy; sometimes miss-matching works out better!  I love how the white pops against the full outfit.

Lastly, I went with these patterned but neutral earrings.  I knew I wanted this shape of earring for this outfit, but I was hesitating because I was adding a pattern and more color.  This, my friends, is why you have to play around.  I instantly loved them with the outfit!  Since I have toned down my jewelry significantly, I sometimes feel like I am missing the perfect jewelry.  Instead, this made me think outside the box and try something I wouldn’t originally paired together (I always go for gold hoops, I just think they did this outfit any justice).

I encourage you guys to try different accessories and see how you feel.  Sometimes I stay away from them all together because it feels like it ruins an outfit.  Sometimes the more, the better!

Now looking at these pictures before I post them, I realized that I subconsciously made a perfect Dolce & Gabanna outfit that I always lust after in my magazine pages.  So funny how that happens – I love those adds, they are so over the top!

***Please excuse the fit of this dress.  After going on Whole30 for a week, I lost 8 lbs and when I went to shoot the dress it was too big.  And yeah, I’m sure some of those LBS are back after Memorial Day weekend 🙂 . The dress should be fitted in the bodice, not loose and scrunched up :)***

The-Perfect-Summer-Cocktail-Wedding-Dress-Under-35-The-Biggest-Trends-for-2017-Barefoot-in-LA-Fashion-Blog-Style-Ideas-Outfits-1114 The-Perfect-Summer-Cocktail-Wedding-Dress-Under-35-The-Biggest-Trends-for-2017-Barefoot-in-LA-Fashion-Blog-Style-Ideas-Outfits-1082 The-Perfect-Summer-Cocktail-Wedding-Dress-Under-35-The-Biggest-Trends-for-2017-Barefoot-in-LA-Fashion-Blog-Style-Ideas-Outfits-1076 The-Perfect-Summer-Cocktail-Wedding-Dress-Under-35-The-Biggest-Trends-for-2017-Barefoot-in-LA-Fashion-Blog-Style-Ideas-Outfits-1085

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