A Casual Way to Wear the Lace Dress Trend


Last week I found myself repeating the same thing over and over at a client’s house: “just add a denim jacket and switch the shoes!”  A denim jacket and a flat, brogue, sneaker or flip-flops will transform any “dressier” outfit you have, in this case, the lace dress trend.

I tend to find, when working one on one with clients, that one tends to compartmentalize their wardrobe into buckets.  I love to mix it up and wear dressy things for work (or used to when I went to the office – like sequins!), casually and the other way around (in my twenties I always rocked my Adidas sweatpants up at da club or whatever).

Brogues are one of my fave ways to dress down an outfit and add a touch of masculinity to a girly dress.  I sometimes feel a bit ridiculous looking too “girlie” (yep, I decided this inference has a different spelling) – as much as I love it, I just don’t think it goes with my personality.  I’ve been wearing brogues since high-school, which equals classic staple.  I often think about that one pair I got at the Gap…and the other pair from Guess when Guess was super cool and unattainable-they had the coolest block heel…sigh…

My newest deal is trying a different way to add interest without using jewelry.  I am trying to stop hoarding the stuff because I never really wear it!  My go-to’s are always hoops.  I’m taking it back old skool again here and adding another super fun classic piece: the scarf.  I remember in the early 80’s going to my aunt’s house in Michigan and going through her basement.  I think I came home with 197 scarves.  I love scarves – the flight attendant “neckerchief” kind.  I had them for so long and finally got rid of them because I never wore them.  Then came the 90’s and the whole Lisa Loeb and Reality Bites thing and scarves made a comeback.  Once again I started collecting them like crazy, kept them forever, then got rid of them.  Needless to say I’m doing this once again.  So I am FORCING myself and my short little neck to wear them.  I don’t care if I look like a no-neck!  Wow, I just really rambled.

Anyway…even if I just tie them to my purse, the “neckerchief” scarf totally changes my outfit, so try one out!  ……….I love how this post started out as a lace dress trend and went off on a totally weird tangent…my brain…


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